Round Gear Racks And pinions



We are profesional Round Gear Racks(Rack Gear, Rack) factory from china, As per the material, we could supply in Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, HarMild Steel, Alloy Steel, Hardened and Tempered Steels, Case carburised, Case Hardened Steels, Cast Iron, or as specified. Please send us the drawing or size of Gear Rack, Rack, Rack Gear that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for your side

Heat treatment:

Normalized / Annealed / Quenched / tempered

Surface Treatment:

painting,plating,polishing,black oxide,transparent anti-rust oil

Quality control:

UT,MT,RT,PT,chemical composition test,mechanical property test,etc.


1, Raw material certificate(material chemical composition) 2, Heat treatment sheet report

3, Dimension inspection report 4, UT test report

Delivery condition:

Hot forged +Rough machined (black surface after Q /T)+ Turned

Competitive Advantage:

Quality control and management to the whole produce process, including ingot smelting, forging, heat treatment, machining and strictly final inspection prior to delivery.

Excellent product quality and service, competitive price, “in-time” delivery

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