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A rack is a special gear with teeth distributed on a bar-shaped body. The racks are also divided into spur racks and helical racks, which are paired with spur gears and helical gears respectively; the tooth profile of the rack is a straight line rather than an involute , It is equivalent to an infinite cylindrical gear with the index circle radius.

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Main Features Of Rack

Tooth profile angle

Since the rack tooth profile is a straight line, each point on the tooth profile has the same pressure angle and is equal to the inclination angle of the tooth profile. This angle is called the tooth profile angle, and the standard value is 20°.

Same pitch and modulus

The straight line that is parallel to the tooth top line and whose tooth thickness is equal to the width of the tooth slot is called the index line (midline), which is the reference line for calculating the rack size.


Any straight line parallel to the tooth top line has the same pitch and modulus.

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The Main Parameters

The main parameters of the rack are: tooth space width, tooth tip height, tooth root height, tooth height, tooth thickness, tooth root radius and so on.

gear rack and pinion

Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair

rack zipper and pinion sets

Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Retail

Gear Rack Pinion

Applicable Industries:Hotels, Garment Shops,  Manufacturing…

rack pinion

Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Construction works

pinion gear rack

Applicable Industries:Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops…

About Gears

Gear refers to a mechanical element with gears on the rim that continuously meshes to transmit movement and power. The application of gears in transmission appeared very early. At the end of the 19th century, the principle of the generative gear cutting method and the special machine tools and tools that used this principle to cut gears appeared one after another. With the development of production, the smoothness of gear operation was paid attention to.

Rack Pinions

Rack Parameter Selection



Is it out of tolerance

Whether the gear runout, full tooth depth, common normal line, and tooth direction are qualified, whether the tooth swing difference and the pitch error are out of tolerance.  More Details



Is it suitable

Whether the installation distance of gears and racks is proper after installation.
The meshing gap between rack and pinion should be 0.25*modulus.
More Details




Whether the rack’s full tooth depth, runout, common normal line, especially tooth direction are qualified.  More Details

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